HRWF (30.11.2019) – Baha’is in Iran have continued to be arrested, sentenced to prison terms and sometimes released on bail after a period of pretrial detention without criminal charges being dropped. The official charges are usually: forming an illegal cult, membership in the deviant Baha’i sect, membership in an anti-Islamic group, participation in illegal assemblies, propaganda against the regime, posing a threat to the holy regime of the Islamic Republic by teaching Baha’i ideas, acting against national security, espionage, and so on.


Abbaas Taa’ef in pre-trial detention for 2 months


Sen’s Daily (26.11.2019) – – Abbaas Taa’ef, a Baha’i from Tehran, was freed on bail from Evin Prison on 25 November. He was arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on 27 September. The agents searched his home and workplace and seized a laptop, mobile phone and some ID documents and some of his personal effects. His office, which is his workplace, has been sealed by the authorities. He suffers from heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.


Sentences confirmed for 7 Baha’is from Bushehr: 3 years


Sen’s Daily (22.11.2019) – – The Review court has confirmed the three-year sentences of seven Bahais from Bushehr. They are Minou Reyaazati, Asadollah Jaaberi and his wife Ehteraam Shakhi, Leqa Faraamarzi, Emaad Jaaberi and Puneh Naashari. All seven were arrested in raids on Bahai homes in Bushehr on February 15, 2018. Their homes were thoroughly searched, and personal effects such as laptops, books, flash drives, external hard drives, and family photograph albums were seized. Emaad Jaaberi and Puneh Naashari (were released on bail on March 6 and the remaining five on March 13, 2018. Bail was set at 250 million tumans (53,000 EUR; $US 66,000).


Samin Maqsudi goes to jail for 5 years

Sen’s Daily (11.11.2019) – – Samin Maqsudi, a Baha’i from Tehran, began her sentence in the women’s wing of Evin Prison on November 9. She was charged with participating in Baha’i activities. The charges relate to her commemoration, in her own home, of the bicentennial of the birth of Baha’u’llah, on October 21, 2017. She was initially sentenced on May 21, 2018, by Judge Moqiseh, a notorious abuser of human rights, and of judicial procedures, who was responsible for the imprisonment of the seven “Yaran.” The Review Court for Tehran Province, headed by Judge Zargar, confirmed the 5-year sentence in September this year.


Ghazaaleh Baaqeri-Taari, also from Tehran, was arrested on the same day and sentenced to five years in prison for celebrating the birth of Baha’u’llah.


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