Continuing the wave of negative publicity against Christians, a security firm published a book against Christianity in Iran.  This book claimed that Christians seek to deceive people with a Messiah impression (reappearance of Christ).

Mohabat News (09.06.2017) – – Following the anti-Christian policies in the publication zone, advertising agencies of security institutions in the Islamic Republic published a book titled “Christian Zionism in the geography of Christianity.”

Lines of this book denote starting an extensive effort by Christians to attract and lure people. They intend to inculcate people into trusting apocalypse signs and events and believing in the Second Advent (parousia) and reappearance of Christ. This anti-Christian book has suggested that the most dangerous trends in Christianity especially in the Northern hemisphere is Christian Zionism. Christian Zionism involves “new gospel” approaches and has been constituted by a combination of Christianity and Judaism that has played a very prominent role in the formation of the Zionist regime.

Security watch institute in collaboration with “Gahan” has published “Christian Zionism in the Geography of Christianity.” The task of this organization is monitoring websites, news agencies, and satellite channels that oppose or are critical of the Islamic Republic, especially in regards to theoretical and ideological topics. One of the websites monitored by this organization is an Iranian-Christian news agency, “Mohabbat News.”  The security watch institute sector on Christianity, mainly analyses, monitors, and watches the “Mohabbat News” website bulletin in an attempt to distort and destroy the website.

By spending large amount of money on creating propaganda through advertising and book publication centers, websites, and affiliated press and news agencies, the Islamic Republic intends to justify backward ideologies, unrighteousness, and anti-Christianity trends.

This website and similar websites are very vital and valuable for judiciary and revolutionary guard interrogators, as they refer to these website texts for making cases against Christian converts, political activists, prisoners of conscience and religious dissidents. This book claims that the “Christian Zionism movement with possession of hundreds of media, academia and financial supports succeeded to gain millions of followers in western countries.  They also try to make Islamic countries, especially our Islamic homeland their target.” Publishing anti-Christian related books date back to the establishment of the Islamic Republic.

For example, Young Researchers’ Center affiliated with the Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thoughts to publish “Violence in the Shelter of Christianity,” which inserts false content such as: Christians by wrong referencing to the Holy Bible attribute their sensual and bestiality acts to Christianity.



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