A workshop reviewing the Bible was held in Mashhad for students of Islamic seminaries to familiarize them with the methods of dealing with the spread of Christianity.

Mohabat News (21.05.2017) – – A group of Islamic seminaries students in Mashhad organized a discussion workshop on Christianity to realize different ways of dealing with the conversion of people to Christianity.

Mashhad, often referred to as “Holy Mashhad,” is home to one of the holiest pilgrim sites for Shia Muslims.

Mashhad is a city in northeast Iran, known as a place of religious pilgrimage. It’s centered on the vast Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, with golden domes and minarets that are floodlit at night.

In the course of this workshop Reza Mousavi, a turbaned cleric expert on religions and sects and the spread of Evangelist and Christian propaganda in Iran, scrutinized methods in which Christians attract young people to Christianity.

It has been said in this workshop that Christian missionaries use virtual networks including Instagram and Telegram. It has also been suggested that Islamic seminaries should focus on using existing aptitudes in cyberspace.

Mousavi is in charge of the Christian studies division at the strategic institute of “Hagh Pazhoohi.” He held this anti-Christianity course in three sessions and during this course he reviewed and criticized the bible as well as the teachings of Christianity.

The Islamic Republic uses different methods to attempt to prevent the spread of Christianity among youth. The Islamic government tries to avert the spread of Christianity and prevent the conversion of a wave of citizens’, especially young people, to Christianity in Iran by spending millions of dollars to filter out and jam satellite signals on Christian-related websites and channels.

According to the “Fergheh News” website (a government supported website), “existing divergences, disagreement and challenges about the Bible and teachings of Christianity among Christians especially in modern times were among subjects that were discussed in these sessions and supporting evidences from Christian thinkers about this topic were presented.”

This report alleged that among underlying issues of this workshop was the necessity of a comparative study between Islamic and Christian teachings to demonstrate the superiority of Islam.

In addition to disburses by Islamic religious institutions on producing anti-Christian radio and television programs and publishing dozens of anti-Christian books with inappropriate and unrealistic content to block the path of gospel of the Lord, millions of dollars from state budget are spent on Islamic institutions and organizations to re-attract young people who are bored with Islam.

Mashhad is one of the cities in which high-ranking authorities often expressed their concern for the spread of Christianity.



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