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Coronavirus and Shincheonji Church: What is true and what is fake news? – 05.03.2020
Central Asia: How to thwart religious extremism? – 02.03.2020
Serbian President accused of negationism about Kosovo – 13.02.2020
Club World Cup shines further spotlight on Qatar’s worker shame – 12.12.2019
Russian in hunger strike against Latvian language exam – 25.10.2019
Ilham Tohti is turning 50 tomorrow: EU’s gift is the 2019 Sakharov Prize – 24.10.2019
Abuse of pre-trial detention in the EU. Time for action – 22.10.2019
Empty stadiums and empty promises – 04.10.2019
Case of former MEP Tatjana Zdanoka: The Latvian Human Rights Committee accuses… – 26.09.2019
From Ukrainian jails to freedom in Moscow – 08.09.2019
Ukraine-Russia prisoner swap: 70 prisoners released in all – 07.09.2019
The (not so) beautiful game – 01.07.2019
The Kokorev case, a miscarriage of justice in Spain spotlighted at the UN in Geneva – 28.06.2019
The Council of Europe lifts sanctions against Russia disregarding human rights – 26.06.2019
Two complaints and no follow up – 03.06.2019
EU must hold Qatar to account for World Cup deaths – 16.05.2019
Remember Odessa 2nd May 2014 Tragedy – 02.05.2019
Dalibor Mocevic v. Croatia: Denial of justice and ethnic discrimination in a property right case – 26.04.2019
Ukraine has a Jewish President and a Jewish PM. What about anti-Semitism? – 23.04.2019
DRC election crisis is the litmus test for a true EU-Africa partnership – 17.01.2019


UK to grant controversial extradition to Romania – 24.04.2018
Kovesi Stays, so what next from #Romania’s tainted corruption fight? – 18.04.2018
Fisheries agreement with Morocco is an instrument of soft power for EU – 16.02.2018


Two North Korean football players in Italy present possible violations of UN sanctions – 07.12.2017
Ongoing crisis in Venezuela – 12.06.2017
Things cannot continue as they are… – 04.06.2017
U.N. : Human rights NGOs call for the release of two Czech citizens from the Manila Immigration Detention Center – 09.05.2017
Romania abuses the European Arrest Warrant, a new report says – 10.04.2017
The European Union’s engagement policy towards North Korea – 05.04.2017
Bandi’s book “The Accusation” smuggled from North Korea now published in 18 languages – 03.04.2017
How information is smuggled into North Korea – 27.03.2017
High alert for human rights protection in the future in the UK and beyond – 10.03.2017
Call for the release of Rev. Hassan ABDURAHEEM and Mr. Abdumonem ABDUMAWL – 07.03.2017
The arm-twisting between Russia and Jehovah’s Witnesses goes on unabated – 06.03.2017
Czech aid worker Petr Jašek released from Sudanese prison – 27.02.2017
Apostasy no longer punishable by death? – 20.02.2017
Official statistics about the protection and surveillance of places of worship – 20.02.2017
Sfax: Profanation of a Christian cemetery – 16.02.2017
Religious minorities under oppression – 15.02.2017
Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters in St Petersburg on the way to liquidation by the authorities – 15.02.2017
Five Chinese religious refugees denied political asylum and threatened with deportation back to China – 08.02.2017
Iranian Christian prisoners to go on hunger strike – 08.02.2017
The Belgian ‘burqa ban’: Legal state of play – 06.02.2017
Waves of arrests of Ahmadis – 06.02.2017
Anti-Christian incidents on the rise but sharp fall for anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish incidents – 03.02.2017
Updated: Detention conditions in Romania under fire – 30.01.2017
Subiectul conditiilor de detentie in Romania este fierbinte – 30.01.2017
Russia conquering the hearts and minds of Christians in the Middle East? – 28.01.2017
Detention conditions in Romania under fire – 25.01.2017
What is the future of Jehovah’s Witnesses? – 23.01.2017
The European Arrest Warrant and Human Rights in Romania – 17.01.2017
Jehovah’s Witnesses: military service, social hostility and state recognition – 16.01.2017
Dvorkin sued for libel by Hindus – 12.01.2017
Who is Alexander Dvorkin? – 12.01.2017
Horror as Christian woman stabbed for reading the Bible in migration centre – 04.01.2017
Ethiopia jails 20 Muslims for pursuing sharia state – 04.01.2017



Brexit: Future of the European Arrest Warrant in question – 06.12.2016
Violations of human rights by North Korea highlighted in a conference in Paris – 28.11.2016
Hizb ut-Tahrir activists arrested in St Petersburg as terrorists – 15.11.2016
How to empower women and girls – 12.10.2016
IDPs in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic – 30.09.2016
School education in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic – 30.09.2016
Ukraine and EU losing the souls of the inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine – 30.09.2016
Exploitation of North Korean workers in Gdansk shipyards: Poland reacts to HRWF statement at the OSCE conference in Warsaw – 29.09.2016
Exploitation of North Korean overseas workers in Poland, an issue raised at the OSCE in Warsaw – 26.09.2016
Syrian civil society works toward a sustainable peace – 20.09.2016
Turkey: Repression against teachers – 19.09.2016
Corruption convictions statistics – A few answers and a few tools – 05.09.2016
Oleksii Goncharenko, a young Ukrainian MP from Odessa looks westwards… – 29.08.2016
Is the situation tense in Odessa? Analysis of a strange opinion survey – 23.08.2016
President Klaus Iohannis receives a call to pardon Gregorian Bivolaru – 01.08.2016
A North Korean defector in Hong Kong – 28.07.2016
Parliamentary Question about the exploitation of North Korean workers in the EU – 21.07.2016
Hybrid war ‘à la russe’ and disinformation – 14.07.2016
Child soldiers in ISIS, PKK, Boko Haram… – 12.07.2016
19 EU citizens detained in the Immigration Center of Bagong Diwa in Bicutan/Manila – 05.07.2016
Two Czech citizens stranded in administrative vacuum at Manila immigration detention since 10 June 2015 – 09.06.2016
70 Uyghurs under threat of deportation to China on a hunger strike – 07.06.2016
About the defection of twelve North Korean waitresses from a restaurant in China South Korea’s version of the facts lacks credibility – 26.05.2016
The Contraceptive Conundrum: The costly component of the Affordable Care Act for BYU Students – 17.05.2016
Is the 2nd May 2014 Odessa tragedy a massacre? – 09.05.2016
Two years after Odessa’s tragedy: about some major facts hidden by the propaganda – 03.05.2016
People’s Council of Bessarabia: Russia’s Trojan horse in Odessa Oblast – 03.05.2016
The rule of law is “negotiable” in Ukraine… – 02.05.2016
A yoga group wins an important case at the European Court: Romania must pay EUR 291,000 to the victims – 28.04.2016
Repression of ongoing protests by social activists outside Odessa’s City Hall – 27.04.2016
Identity politics and the suppression of Shia in Bahrain – 26.04.2016
Jaroslav Dobes and Barbora Plaskova should be released and allowed to stay in the Philippines – 04.04.2016
Jaroslav Dobes and Barbora Plaskova need to be urgently released and brought back to their children – 18.03.2016
The collection of short stories smuggled out of North Korea is authentic – 17.03.2016
Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016 – 08.03.2016
Jaroslav Dobes and Barbora Plaskova presumed innocent should not be extradited from the Philippines – 07.03.2016
European Parliament discusses the impact of religion on Women’s Rights – 03.03.2016
Of Refugees and Justice: the Calais evictions begin – 02.03.2016
Government of Nepal reluctant in implementing the decision of the Supreme Court – 02.03.2016
Forcible and illegal deportation attempt of a Czech citizen – 22.02.2016
Has North Korea given birth to a Soljenitsyn? – 22.02.2016
US Senate passes the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016 – 10.02.2016
Resignation of Aivaras Abromavicius, the Lithuanian-born economy minister: No to corruption – 09.02.2016
The case of Ruslan Kotsaba, a prisoner of conscience adopted by Amnesty International, under scrutiny at the European Parliament – 04.02.2016
HRWF statement concerning the 26 January amendment to the Danish Aliens Act – 28.01.2016
Visa-free (or not) and how the law on Financial transparency for civil servants could threaten its implementation – 07.01.2016



A Russian converted to Islam in Belgium, trained as militant in Syria and detained in Kabardino-Balkaria – 17.12.2015
Some international reactions to the blockade – 30.11.2015
Exploitation of North Korean Workers in Qatar by Pyongyang: Good practice of a company – 22.10.2015
New project recommends doctors play a bigger role in combating human trafficking – 10.09.2015
Stateless for 22 years – 31.08.2016
Hot Issue – Lies, damned lies and Russian disinformation – 20.08.2015
Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l strongly condemns Estonian security officer’s sentence to 15 years in prison – 20.08.2015
Getting to the core of Human Rights: Demanding greater environmental protection in China today – 04.08.2015
Breaking the wall of silence on North Korea – 09.07.2015
Gender and freedom of religion or belief highlighted at Geneva seminar – 22.06.2015
In the aftermath of the earthquake, Supreme Court of Nepal issues ‘show cause notice’ on the issues raised by HRWF/Nepal – 20.05.2015
Media freedoms are under threat in the EU and its neighbourhood – 19.05.2015
Stormy times ahead for human rights defenders in Armenia – 15.05.2015
Political disaster plagues Nepal after earthquake – 12.05.2015
Nepal in crisis after earthquake – 04.05.2015
Counter violent extremism through inclusion, education and respect, says EP Conference – 29.04.2015
Leaders highlight plight of IDPS at high level conference in Kyiv – 28.04.2015
Change makers battling Muslim fundamentalism – 28.04.2015
The Donetsk People’s Republic and some EU blacklisted leaders – 13.04.2015
Peaceful co-existence and conflicts between communities and human rights – 02.04.2015
Polarized ideologies International Women’s Day and Boko Haram – 24.03.2015
Owners of Russian blocked websites complain to the European Court – 13.03.2015
European Court: “Hizb ut-Tahrir’s aims are clearly contrary to the values of the European Convention” – 25.02.2015
Hizb ut-Tahrir: 21 arrests – 11.02.2015
Editor in chief of a media online prosecuted – 20.01.2015
The sound of journalists turning in their graves – exploiting grief for political ends – 13.01.2015
Statement of Human Rights Without Frontiers concerning the attacks on the offices of Charlie Hebdo on 7th January 2015 – 08.01.2015



North Korean refugees in South Korea: Some statistics – 26.12.2014
A North Korean refugee under threat of deportation from Paris to Pyongyang – 10.12.2014
Repeated and sophisticated attacks from Russia and China against the website of Human Rights Without Frontiers – 14.10.2014
Human Rights Without Frontiers remembers Tiananmen square: 25 years on – 03.06.2014
“Anti-propaganda Laws” target homosexuals and other sexual minorities – 31.03.2014
Human Rights Without Frontiers calls upon Greece to guarantee the rights of its ethnic Turks, a Muslim minority – 09.01.2014



Federalism can help remedy conflicts in the Middle East, say conference speakers at the European Parliament – 09.10.2013
North Korea continues to be a totalitarian state but the regime turns a blind eye to the development of underground private economy – 09.10.2013
Inter-parliamentary gathering addresses need for internal-external coherence on human rights policies – 07.10.2013
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Pan Mun Jon armistice – 21.06.2013
Anti-homosexual legislation – the bushfire in Africa – 10.06.2013
Conference at the European Parliament: The EU urged to play a more active role – 06.06.2013
Chen Guancheng Launches Defending Freedoms Project – 20.05.2013



Human rights challenges persist for minorities in the Western Balkans – 11.12.2012
In Echinos, 20 Muslim mothers challenge the law denying their children pre-school education both in Turkish and Greek – 24.10.2012
Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya
Fears of New ‘Iron Curtain’ between Russia and Europe
Pressure on Russia’s civil society at an alarming level

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