Human Rights Without Frontiers calls upon President Poroshenko to pay the pensions of retired people in Eastern Ukraine

A call for help from Dr Borys Kondorskii

HRWF (29.08.2018) – Human Rights Without Frontiers calls upon President Poroshenko to urgently pay the pensions of retired people living in Ukraine’s ‘uncontrolled territories’. The situation of retired people in general in the whole of Ukraine is absolutely dramatic. Professors, teachers, medical doctors and other Ukrainians who have worked for state institutions since the independence receive less than USD 100 per month…


A call for help and social justice from Dr Borys Kondorskii


Ukraine is currently the country where all human rights in all spheres of life are being violated. It especially concerns those citizens of Ukraine who reside in so-called uncontrolled territories. Getting your retirement pension is one of the fundamental human rights since a retiree has no other maintenance.


Already since 2014 receiving retirement pension by those citizens of Ukraine who reside in the territories of not recognized DPR and LPR has been subject to a whole series of requirements and conditions that were disrespectful to human dignity. One had to regularly draw up different documents, the requirements to which were constantly being changed. Degrading check-ups were a regular thing.


Since May 2018 Pension Fund of Ukraine has completely stopped paying retirement pensions to the majority of the citizens of Donbass. Kyiv Appeal Administrative Court declared these actions illegal. Yet both Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Pension Fund have constantly been ignoring the decision of the court.


It is worth noting that the average retirement pension in Ukraine is equal to 100 US dollars. Ukraine has been in the state of permanent economic and political crisis during the whole period of its independence. During this time Ukraine’s take in the world industrial production has reduced in more than 50 times. All of this results in the critical shortage of budget funds.

Who is Dr Borys Kondorskii?

Some time ago, our organization received a first email from Dr Kondorskii saying:

As an independent researcher I am working in the field of theoretical problems of history, politology, biological and language evolutions. More than 50 scientific papers of mine have been published for the recent 5 years. One can familiarize oneself with my articles on the website ResearchGate. I am currently developing a theory of a revolutionary period which has a high prognostic potential. I have predicted a real possibility of the occurrence of state formation on the basis of an idea of a “caliphate” as well as the nature of further development of the events in Syria already in May, 2014 at the XIIIth International Conference of Africanists in Moscow.

Before this May I received 100$ of my retirement pension and 70$ of social securities from local authorities. I lived off this money, worked on my articles and went to scientific conferences at my own expense. I participated in 4 conferences in person in 2017 as well as in 8 conferences in absence. Now Ukrainian government has deprived me of my retirement pension only on the ground of the fact that I reside in Donetsk, as well as thousands of other retirees who live on the territories of self-proclaimed DPR and LPR. This is a major violation of the constitution of the country, international human rights treaties which have been signed by Ukraine, as well as Minsk accords.

I believe that your organization, holding true to the ideals of human rights, should rise the question of lawlessness of the actions of Ukrainian government in terms of human rights violation.

Dr Borys Kondorskii

HRWF thinks that beyond his personal case, it is important to highlight the dramatic situation of all pensioners in Ukraine.


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