Religiously motivated attacks on 743 Christian refugees in German refugee shelters

Open Doors (11.2016) – Open Doors has just published a 65-page report in English and in German ( about religiously motivated attacks against religious minorities in Germany. Here is the table of contents:

1 Introduction

2 Results of the report in brief


3 Registration, assessment and first measures


3.1 Systematic registration of religiously motivated attacks

3.1.1 Difficulties in registration

3.1.2 Issues concerning the non-registration of religious motives


3.2 Assessments and measures on federal level to date

3.2.1 Exhaustive registration of refugees

3.2.2 Intensified research

3.2.3 The German integration law of May 25, 2016


3.3 Assessments and measures on state level to date

3.3.1 Relativizing the problems (Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen, NRW)

3.3.2 State Parliament rejects request for better protection of Christians (Thuringia)

3.3.3 Putting limitations on religious freedom (Bavaria)  3.3.4 Catalogue of measures for the prevention of religious conflicts (Hesse)


3.4 Assessments of the state churches


4 Data acquisition


4.1 Concept of the questionnaire


4.2 Timeframe and geographical scope of investigation


4.3 Implementation


4.4 Hürden bei der Erfassung der Übergriffe

4.4.1 Sprache und Kultur

4.4.2 Zeitlicher Aufwand

4.4.3 Angst der Flüchtlinge

4.4.4 Challenges during the registration of the attacks


5 Evaluation of the extended survey  


5.1 Statistical framework


5.2 Allocation of affected parties according to federal states


5.3 Characteristics of discrimination and violence


5.4 Handling of attacks


5.5 Attacks on Yezidis


5.6 Structural problems

5.6.1 Criminal charges with no results


5.6.2 Discrimination by facility personnel

5.6.3 Islamic-influenced structures and mentalities

5.6.4 Lack of sensitisation of religious motives


5.7 The victims’ recommendations


6 The unique situation of converts 


7 The first survey – retrospective and reactions


8 Positive approaches in preventing religiously motivated attacks


8.1 Berlin


8.2 Stuttgart


8.3 Bad Homburg


8.4 Rotenburg a.d. Fulda


8.5 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock/Guetersloh district


8.6 Rottach-Egern


9 Attacks on refugees in other EU States


9.1 Austria


9.2 Switzerland


9.3 France


9.4 United Kingdom


9.5 Sweden


9.6 The Netherlands


9.7 Italy


9.8 Spain


9.9 Greece


10 Conclusions and Demands


Appendix 1 – Questionnaire

1.1 Blank questionnaire

1.2 Completed questionnaire in Arabic

1.3 Translation of completed questionnaire into English


Appendix 2 – Handling of attacks: Experiences of the ZOCD-Staff

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