Intolerance against Christians (25.10.2016) – The Ethiopian vicar, dressed in traditional priest’s clothing and wearing a cross around his neck was visiting the town of Raunheim near Frankfurt when three pre-teens threw stones at him while yelling “Allah Akhbar”.

The 47-year-old priest was walking to a Russian Orthodox chapel with a local priest when he was attacked. Both priests tried to take photos of the children, estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old, with their mobile phones, but they ran away too quickly.

Alexandra Rang, a Russian Orthodox hotel owner who built the chapel a few years ago, said she could not believe what the two priests told her at first. She said to be pelted with stones is the “worst thing a priest can imagine”.

Raunheim social worker Dr Isack Majura said he was going to do everything possible to identify the children. He called the attack “absolutely unacceptable,” but also said he thought it was an isolated incident and pointed to positive Muslim-Christian dialogue in the community.

Source: Intolerance against Christians (The title was slightly modified by HRWF)

The case was reported by the Protestant Press Agency IDEA (, Main Spitze (

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