On Thursday evening, after two days of man hunting, the police found and shot down Cherif Chekatt, the man responsible for the Strasbourg attack on Tuesday, in which three people were killed and over a dozen were injured. During two long days, the right to life and security as well as the freedom to assemble for 780,000 city-dwellers was under high threat, writes Willy Fautré, of Human Rights Without Frontiers


By Willy Fautré


EU Today (14.12.2018) – – Chekatt, a professional criminal sentenced more than 20 times, was radicalised by Salafists in prison and infected by their totalitarian religiously-inspired ideology.


The Salafization of young vulnerable and marginalized Muslims threatens and reduces the enjoyment of human rights by peaceful Muslim and non-Muslim populations from France and other countries in Europe to Indonesia in South-east Asia.


The Salafists’ ideology rejects the world order and all the multilateral organizations, like the United Nations, put in place since WW II.


Their ideology rejects the secular concept of human rights and freedoms, and aims at imposing their interpretation of Islam.


Their ideology wants to radically change the existing nature of a state into some form of theocracy and the structure of a diverse and multicultural civil society into a community to be ruled by their religious worldview.


Their ideology wants the daily life and the behavior of each individual to be dominated by their religious worldview.


Islamic totalitarianism professed by the Salafists and other similar movements is a totalitarian ideology instrumentalizing the Quran for political purposes but it is not a religion.


The Islamic totalitarian virus infecting the software of the ummah must not contaminate humankind. An antidote needs to be administered. Combating it with ideas, with words and in practice is both legitimate and obligatory. It is a self-defence fight of Muslim and non-Muslim states, societies and minorities. It is a fight for human dignity for all, for equality for all and for human rights for all. It is not too late to combat the Salafization of Muslims but it is time.




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