HRWF (15.05.2017) – On 13 May, the Muslim woman who had vandalized and desecrated the altar of the Ste Marie Madeleine Church in Rennes-le-Château was declared accountable for her acts after being examined by psychiatrists and will be tried on 8 September. In the meantime she is under court supervision and may not go to the place where she committed her misdeed.

After her arrest, she was placed in police custody and then referred to the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Carcassonne.

On 23 April, at 9am, a young woman wearing a black coat went to the tourism office to ask when the church would be open. Two hours later, she was seen near the church wearing a while cape, a veil on her head and a Venetian mask on her face. She went to the so-called Virgin’s cave nearby and had a long talk on the phone in Arabic. Afterwards, she went back to the church with an axe, started hitting the stoup and decapitated the famous red devil of the Bible Asmodea attached to it, cut off his arm, put a Kur’an on it and lacerated the bas-relief of the altar. Tourists immediately called the mayor and the gendarmerie arrested her.

When asked why she had committed such a misdeed, she answered calmly: “Today is election day here but in Syria the West is bombing and killing children. You are all kafirs! My husband is over there.”

The young woman was born in Quillan and was living in Lavelan, in Ariège.

(*) The French word is « mécréant ». Kafir is a derogatory term used for “unbelievers”.

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