HRWF (03.10.2017) – On 22 September, Majid Oukacha, a former Muslim and author of Il était une fois l’Islam (English version: Face to Faith with Islam), posted a video on YouTube that shows a group of around 300 Muslims praying on the street of Clichy-la-Garenne in front of the town hall and using a megaphone. This prayer has neither been authorized nor forbidden. It has been tolerated. As a result, the police at the scene regulate traffic in what appears to be a clear disturbance of public order:

During the prayer, the imam of Clichy chants in Arabic Verse 36 of Surah 9 of the Quran, which was used by Daesh jihadists and terrorists before executing Christians and non-Muslims, according to a video of Aldo Sterone, a former Muslim from Algeria living in Great-Britain. This verse reads, “Fight the associates collectively without any exception as they fight you without any exception. You must know that Allah is with the pious.”

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