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Deported by Switzerland, Wang Xiumei is now in prison until 29 December 2020 – 16.11.2018
Back to China, Quan Kuo faced two months in detention and a life under surveillance – 16.11.2018
Op-ed: Islamization of French society or Salafization of Muslims? Which phenomenon? Which terminology? – 04.11.2018
Op-ed: About anti-semitism: HRWF’s position – 26.10.2018
France: Is the ban on hijab, niqab, burqa… Islamophobia? – 18.10.2018
Op-ed: Over 1.5 million refugees return home, according to Russian UN Envoy – Fake news or hidden news? – 25.08.2018
Human Rights Without Frontiers: 30 years of fighting totalitarianism – 18.07.2018
Government shuts seven mosques, prepares to expel 40 Turkey-funded imams – 10.06.2018
Deadly terrorist incident in Liège raises the issue of ‘conversion’ and ‘radicalisation’ in prison – 08.06.2018
16 Jehovah’s Witnesses behind bars as of 8 June – 08.06.2018
Whereabouts remain unknown for Church of Almighty God member arrested upon return to China – 05.06.2018
Putin visits Austria: Will leaders stand up for religious freedom and other human rights? – 04.06.2018
Some Jewish issues in Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary – 02.06.2018
ECtHR/GREECE: 25 May 1993 – 25 May 2018 : 25th anniversary of Kokkinakis case, the first religious freedom case ruled by the European Court – 24.05.2018
A sixth Jehovah’s Witness accused of extremism behind bars – 20.05.2018
The Hague City Council is concerned about Salafist activities – 19.05.2018
Church of Almighty God: Persecution and refugees in numbers – 18.05.2018
Training manuals in the Grand Mosque of Brussels advocating jihad, anti-Semitism and stoning of homosexuals – 18.05.2018
MIVILUDES, a State institution, repeatedly condemned for defamation and stigmatization – 14.05.2018
Dr Noorali Tabandeh the head spiritual leader of the Gonabadi Sufi order, under house arrest since 20th February – 16.04.2018
An Algerian imam faces deportation – 15.04.2018
70,000 law enforcement forces for the protection of place of worship at Easter – 02.04.2018
Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kazakhstan, a shock wave from Russia? – 22.03.2018
Decrease of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim incidents in 2017 – 13.03.2018
Uzbekistan, a country of particular concern, according to the US – 09.02.2018
European Parliament urges Turkey to guarantee religious freedom and to release Pastor Andrew Brunson – 09.02.2018
Baptism madness seizes Russians on Epiphany – 23.01.2018
Over 600 refugees of the Church of Almighty God persecuted in China threatened to be sent back by South Korea – 18.01.2018
Church of Almighty God members fatally tortured while in custody – 17.01.2018
Laïcité and religious freedom: A coalition of NGOs questions France at the United Nations – 15.01.2018
About anti-Muslim ideologies, anti-Muslim state policies and inter-Muslim hostilities – 04.01.2018
About anti-Christian ideologies, anti-Christian state repression and anti-Christian hostility – 02.01.2018
About the Islamic totalitarianism – 01.01.2018


New UN sanctions : Human Rights Without Frontiers Urges Poland and Italy to send back their North Korean workers to Pyongchang – 23.12.2017
Church of Almighty God couple arrested, drugged and tortured during their detention – 14.12.2017
Religious refugees from China denied asylum in Europe – 11.12.2017
Putin claims to be the defender of Christians, Jews and Muslims in Syria. What about “the West”? – 07.12.2017
Grand Chamber hearing in a case concerning the application of Islamic religious (Sharia) law to an inheritance dispute – 08.12.2017
Human Rights Without Frontiers urges the authorities of the EU member states to grant political asylum to Chinese religious refugees – 02.12.2017
FRANCE: Vandalism in a church: suspended two-year prison term – 01.12.2017
No crosses in a public place: 97,000 people sign a petition against the removal of the cross overhanging a statue of John-Paul II – 01.12.2017
Belgian court decision blocking deportation of Brussels Grand Mosque imam appealed to the Council of State – 30.11.2017
Pope Francis in Myanmar: To say or not to say ‘Rohingya’ – 30.11.2017
Four members of the Church of Almighty God arrested and tortured in Huaiyang County, China – 27.11.2017
Four members of the Church of Almighty God arrested and tortured in huaiyang County, China – 27.11.2017
A ‘tolerated’ Muslim prayer on the street in Clichy-la-Garenne causes controversy – 03.10.2017
State hostility to religious movements of foreign origin in Kazakhstan – 15.09.2017
Human Rights Without Frontiers (Brussels) and FOREF-Europe (Vienna) urge Russia to lift the ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the OSCE/ODIHR HDIM in Warsaw – 14.09.2017
Ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses and other peaceful religious movements denounced at the OSCE/ ODIHR HDIM in Warsaw – 12.09.2017
Ahmadis behind bars in Pakistan – 22.08.2017
International community of human rights defenders v. Russian state-appointed ‘experts’ – 20.08.2017
Police crackdown on Chinese Uyghurs in Egypt and ‘repatriation’ on Beijing’s ‘request’ – 18.08.2017
Russian “religious experts” hired by a court against Jehovah’s Witnesses have no academic credentials – 14.08.2017
Religious cleansing going on at full speedg – 11.08.2017
Misuse of the anti-extremist legislation against religious groups – 01.08.2017
Pre-trial detention of Danish citizen Dennis Christensen extended until late November – 26.07.2017
Sentencing prison terms to imams educated abroad is unfair, however… – 24.07.2017
Religious freedom in the Maldives: Present and future challenges – 22.07.2017
Ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses: Some statements of support – 21.07.2017
Freedom of Religion and Belief in Egypt: Official discourse vs. reality on the field – 14.07.2017
Concerns and Objections to CRL Recommendation to License Religion in South Africa – 11.07.2017
EU-Sudan Relations: Engagement or Sanctions? – 10.07.2017
Freedom of religion or belief dramatically violated in a number of countries – 30.06.2017
The Islamic Defenders Front – 15.06.2017
FECRIS Russian branch behind the persecution of non-Orthodox minorities in Russia – 12.06.2017
After the ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Scientology seems to be the next priority target -09.06.2017
Religious freedom in Russia: A conference at the European Parliament stresses that Russia is a country of particular concern – 07.06.2017
Death sentence of blogger Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkheitir for apostasy and EU-Mauritania Fisheries Partnership Agreement – 01.06.2017
Both Ukraine and Russia violate religious freedom – 19.05.2017
On the bill regarding the change of jurisdictional affiliation of religious communities and its criticism – 18.05.2017
Hate crime in Rennes-le-Château: a Muslim woman vandalizes a Catholic church – 15.05.2017
Did members of the Church of Almighty God (CAG) perpetrate the 28 May 2014 McDonald’s Murder in Zhaoyuan? – 21.04.2017
Support of the international community against the threat of banning Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia – 14.04.2017
Authorities entrap and imprison witness on fabricated charges – 13.04.2017
The state of religious freedom in Kazakhstan – 12.04.2017
Attempted arson against an Armenian Evangelical Church and other acts of anti-Christian vandalism in France – 11.04.2017
Imprisonment of JW conscientious objectors is arbitrary detention, according to the UN – 10.04.2017
Persecution of Baha’is in March – 27.03.2017
HRWF calls on Russian officials to vote against the banning of Jehovah – 23.03.2017
A ‘controversial’ imam in prison – 10.03.2017
The arm-twisting between Russia and Jehovah’s Witnesses goes on unabated – 06.03.2017
Czech aid worker Petr Jašek released from Sudanese prison – 27.02.2017
Apostasy no longer punishable by death? – 20.02.2017
Official statistics about the protection and surveillance of places of worship – 20.02.2017
Sfax: Profanation of a Christian cemetery – 16.02.2017
Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters in St Petersburg on the way to liquidation by the authorities – 15.02.2017
Religious minorities under oppression – 15.02.2017
Five Chinese religious refugees denied political asylum and threatened with deportation back to China – 08.02.2017
Iranian Christian prisoners to go on hunger strike – 08.02.2017
The Belgian ‘burqa ban’: Legal state of play – 06.02.2017
Waves of arrests of Ahmadis – 06.02.2017
Anti-Christian incidents on the rise but sharp fall for anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish incidents – 03.02.2017
Russia conquering the hearts and minds of Christians in the Middle East? – 28.01.2017
What is the future of Jehovah’s Witnesses? – 23.01.2017
Jehovah’s Witnesses: military service, social hostility and state recognition – 16.01.2017
Dvorkin sued for libel by Hindus – 12.01.2017
Who is Alexander Dvorkin? – 12.01.2017
Sharp decrease of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim incidents but increase of anti-Catholic incidents – 09.01.2017
Ethiopia jails 20 Muslims for pursuing sharia state – 04.01.2017
Horror as Christian woman stabbed for reading the Bible in migration centre – 04.01.2017



Who are the Coptic Orthodox? – 12.12.2016
New wave of persecution against Baha’is – 06.12.2016
Some legislation on religious and belief communities – 05.12.2016
Who are the Salafists? – 25.11.2016
Germany bans Islamic organization and police searched 190 sites – 23.11.2016
GSK: Is the FECRIS-branch of Austria becoming a shadow of itself? – 14.11.2016
Closure of the Loqman “mosque” in Molenbeek – 09.11.2016
FOREF Europe promoting FoRB rights at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2016 – 04.11.2016
Hate speech: an imam will be deported – 03.11.2016
Vladimir Putin has declared war on Jehovah’s Witnesses – 17.10.2016
An investigation video denies FECRIS vice-president, Alexander Dvorkin’s alleged academic titles – 15.10.2016
HRWF statement on the legislation about anti-extremism and anti-evangelism at the OSCE/ ODIHR in Warsaw – 27.09.2016
Religious freedom in Tajikistan: Jehovah’s Witnesses attempt to have a constructive dialogue with the authorities – 26.09.2016
Jehovah’s Witnesses defend their rights to freedom of religion at the OSCE/ ODIHR – 22.09.2016
Non-Muslim minorities in Algeria – 15.09.2016
Falun Gong practitioner Wang Zhiwen released in 2014 after 16 years in prison but… – 13.09.2016
How the propaganda of Fecris’ vice-president disrupted a family in Odessa – 05.09.2016
Followers of Jewish psychiatrist Léopold Szondi accused by FECRIS vice-president Alexander Dvorkin of belonging to a ‘cult’ – 05.09.2016
Are Taleh Bagirzade and other Nardaran Shia Muslims FoRB prisoners? – 25.08.2016
Who is and who is not a FoRB prisoner? – 03.08.2016
Official position of the national Jehovah’s Witnesses center about accusations of extremism – 06.06.2016
Existence of Jehovah’s Witnesses under threat in Russia – 18.05.2016
Islamic Minorities, A New Challenge to Religious Freedom – 20.04.2016
Financing for the ‘de-radicalisation’ of ‘anti-sect’ movements called into question – 02.03.2016
Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia – 15.02.2016
Two Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations abolished by courts – 15.02.2016
About the Marrakesh Declaration – 28.01.2016
Two Said Nursi followers in pre-trial detention – 25.01.2016
New court hearing of Mihai Calestru and Oleg Savencov planned next Tuesday – 21.01.2016



Azerbaijan urged to transfer Irina Zakharchenko to house arrest – 14.12.2015
Taganrog court decision: suspended sentences to prison terms for four Jehovah’s Witnesses – 2.12.2015
The Constitutional Court and conscientious objection to military service – 30.11.2015
Survey of the Afghan people: some statistics about religion and politics – 18.11.2015
Religious identity and power: preserving the status quo – 15.07.2015
Shariah and religious autonomy of Muslims in Thrace debated at a conference in Komotini – 21.05.2015
Conscientious objectors contribute to the well-being of people in need – 12.05.2015
Suppression and “Climate of fear” reign in Iran for religious minorities – 28.04.2015
In Prison for their Religion or Belief – 19.03.2015



Mapping countries with religious prisoners – 29.12.2014
Human Rights Without Frontiers calls upon Greece to guarantee the rights of its ethnic Turks, a Muslim minority – 09.01.2014



EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief – the road ahead – 11.09.2013



The influence of religious and secular lobbies in the EU discussed at the European Parliament – 26.09.2012
Human Rights Without Frontiers welcomes the EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief – 25.06.2012
Muslims discriminated against in North-Eastern Greece – 23.10.2012
8 Member States of the UN Human Rights Council Put Believers and Atheists in Jail
Catholics Decry Discrimination against Christians in Europe
Catholic Groups Release Report on the State of Religious Freedom
Living Together with our Differences – A Story of Veils and Socialisation
Muslims: The first victims of terrorism
Pluralism in Indonesia is Imperilled, says Interfaith Delegation
Religious Minorities Still Under Attack in Iran