By Mia Haas-Goldberg

HRWF (11.10.2017) – Today, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) released its 2017 Gender Equality Index. At its core, the Index serves as a comprehensive measure for assessing and monitoring progress in gender equality across EU member states. The Index has been recognized for its critical contribution to policy-making and increased awareness at EU and national levels.

This third edition includes a new intersectional approach to data collection for men and women, as well as information on social power and health behaviors. For the first time, the Index also measures gender gaps in decision-making in research, media, and sports in an attempt to strengthen public discourse and policy within these respective spheres.

According to the 2017 Index, there is a definite increase in the share of women engaged in political and economic decision-making since 2010, while gender inequalities in the domain of time use for care and social activities are “persistent and growing.” Overall, the Index points to slow growth in gender equality across all member states and domains over the past ten years.

See the full Gender Equality Index here


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