– Human Rights Without Frontiers is concerned that Russia might follow the example of China with its “reeducation centers” in which 1 million Muslims are indoctrinated

– RISU (04.08.2019) –– The Kremlin-controlled authorities of the annexed Crimea plan to open a “rehabilitation center” for supporters of the Islamic party Hizb ut-Tahrir.

This is reported by the so-called MP of the State Duma of Russia from Crimea Ruslan Balbek, Ukrayinska Pravda wrote, with reference to RIA Novosti. The adherents of the organization — which Russia deems extremist — are supposed to be freed from criminal liability if they officially “renounce destructive political and religious views after a course of psychological and spiritual rehabilitation”.

The “Rehabilitation Center” is to be placed at the “Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea”.

“Extremism and its doctrine need to be burned away not only by the strength of weapons, but also by spiritual education. The extremist organizations forbidden in Russia continue to secretly operate in Crimea, although most of them are law-abiding, but there are those who fall under the influence of these extremist sects,” said Balbek.

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