– HRWF (31.10.2018) – Lu Yongfeng, female, born on 16 October 1948, lived at 0422 Group 6, Wulanheshuo Village, Wulanheshuo Township, Chaoyang County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. In 1999, she joined The Church of Almighty God.

At 3:00 a.m. on 27 June 2018, more than ten uniformed officers with the Beipiao City Criminal Brigade of Liaoning Province drove five police cars (two of which belonged to the Special Service) to the home of Lu Yongfeng and her husband. The police surrounded the home, knocked on the door, and then forcefully entered the home without providing any documentation or identification. The police first grabbed the couple’s cellphones to cut off all contact with the outside world. Lu Yongfeng was so terrified that she fainted. The police began tearing the place apart, searching the home. They confiscated more than ten volumes of religious literature, one laptop, one tablet, and one MP5 player. After more than half an hour the police forcibly took Lu Yongfeng to the Chaoyang City Public Security Bureau; her husband, Zou Jixue, was taken to the Beipiao City Public Security Bureau.

According to Zou Jixue’s recollection, the police locked him in a very small interrogation room. Handcuffed, police began asking him about where they got the religious literature, the number of Church members, and the whereabouts of church money. They tried to force him to give up information on the whereabouts of his three daughters (all members of The Church of Almighty God). Zou Jixue recalls them saying:

“Your oldest daughter [Zou Demei] is a coordinator for the Chuan-Gui Pastoral Area [an upper-level leader in charge of the church work of Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province, and Chongqing City] and is a nationally wanted criminal! Your three daughters are listed online as wanted! Not a single one of them will be able to escape our grasp. The national government has its ways—they’ll do a clean sweep and get them all! Once they’re in our hands we can do anything we like with them; there’s no room for leniency. We can treat believers in Almighty God however we want!”

Zou Jixue didn’t say a word. The police then took him to the Beipiao Detention Center.

At about 9:00 a.m. on 2 July 2018, four police officers put Zou Jixue into a police vehicle and took him to the Beipiao City No. 2 People’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit. The officers led him to the bed where he saw his wife, Lu Yongfeng, lying there – she was not breathing properly. He quickly asked the police what they had done to his wife. The officers didn’t respond to him. Officers told the doctor to bring an emergency treatment form to have him sign. In his sadness and anxiety, he signed the form and then fainted. Later, the officers took him back to the detention center.

The afternoon of 4 July 2018, police with the Chaoyang City Detention Center went to the detention center to tell Zou Jixue that Lu Yongfeng had died. Two officers tried to force Zou Jixue to sign a document without his reading the name or content. Zou Jixue passed out again. While passed out, two officers took the chance to grasp his hand to sign and fingerprint the document.

Someone from within the detention center later revealed that Lu’s death had already been confirmed inside of the detention center, but that the police still took her to the hospital in order to create a false impression that they had provided emergency treatment for her.

Sometime after 4:00 p.m. on 5 July 2018, Zou Jixue once again passed out and could not be fully revived. The police had no choice but to take him back to his rented house and toss him onto his bed. When they left, they forbade him from telling anyone about his arrest and his wife’s death. They ordered him not to leave Beipiao City but to await trial at any time.

It has since been learned that Lu Yongfeng and her husband Zou Jixue were subjected to the local police’s nonstop harassment and intimidation, and that the police had arrested and detained Zou Jixue twice before with charges of “illegal gatherings and preaching.” After Lu Yongfeng’s entire family joined The Church of Almighty God in 2002, the CCP government began hunting and monitoring them.

Since believing in Almighty God, Lu Yongfeng had been subjected to the CCP government’s increasing persecution; officials had carried out multiple operations to arrest her, her husband, and their three daughters.

The CCP government’s consistent human rights violations are well known and recorded. Families such as Lu Yongfeng’s, have no opportunity to plead their cases within China. Her daughters remain in grave danger in China. It is up to the international community to recognize and respond to such outrageous events.


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