06.10.20 – CCP officials: ‘Christianity doesn’t belong in China’

On top of removing crosses, Chinese authorities order to replace Christianity’s main symbol on churches’ seals with the five-pointed star.

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04.10.20 – Persecution of protestant churches intensifies

House churches and state-controlled Three-Self churches across China are raided and closed down. Believers are questioned, and their homes are searched.

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03.10.20 – Ancestral temples repurposed for public use

Even the venues where familial clans meet to honor their ancestors and celebrate important events have become targets of the CCP’s crackdown on religion.

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02.10.20 – CCP investigates leaks about religious persecution

Increasingly criticized by the international community for crackdowns on people of faith, China’s regime enforces more stringent measures to cover up its crimes.

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30.09.20 – China’s persecution of the Uyghurs: A human rights emergency

The situation in Xinjiang is getting worse rather than better. It is time for the international community to speak up.

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30.09.20 – While a U.S. House bill targets Xinjiang slave labor, new voices support the Uyghurs

France calls to similar action. Ms. Tursunay Ziyawudun flees safely from a detention camp. Two awards honor the Uyghur cause.

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29.09.20- Catholics increasingly harassed ahead Vatican-China deal renewal

Some churches refusing to join the Patriotic Church are repurposed by the state, while others are barred from activities in the name of “epidemic prevention.”

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29.09.20 – Surveillance devices planted in believers’ homes

To keep members of The Church of Almighty God under constant control, the police follow their every move through listening and tracking devices.

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29.09.20 – Now they come for the Utsuls: sinicizing another Muslim minority

Denied its traditional clothing and identity, a Chamic-speaking people in Hainan Island is challenging the CCP with public protests.

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