01.11.20 – Buddhist temples demolished across Hebei Province

Throughout the northern province of Hebei, local authorities continue crackdowns on Buddhist venues, not even sparing protected cultural heritage.

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31.10.20 – House churches suppressed across China

Numerous venues were shut down, believers arrested and dispersed in August across Henan, Guizhou, and Fujian provinces.

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31.10.20 – Buddhists struggle to survive after their temples are closed

As numbers of closed and destroyed Buddhist venues continue to swell, nuns and monks driven away from them find it agonizingly hard to live in the secular world.

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31.10.20 – Religious venues shut after assessment of local party cadres

Countless places of worship suffer devastating consequences as local authorities do anything to please CCP’s visiting higher-ups.

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29.10.20 – Banned from churches, youth only allowed to believe in socialism

The CCP intensifies sanctions on Christian Sunday schools and summer camps while strengthening patriotic education to foster the new generation of Party followers.

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27.10.20 – Folk religion temples wiped out across China

After the coronavirus lockdown restrictions were lifted in April, authorities took to destroying temples on various pretexts.

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27.10.20 – Unapproved Buddhist books confiscated and burned

Local authorities across China confiscate from temples and shops materials that are not sanctioned by the state and investigate their distribution channels.

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