31.08.20- 160+ folk religion temples demolished, shut down in Sichuan

Chinese authorities crack down on all things religious, including venues of indigenous religions that have been an integral part of life in rural areas for years.

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31.08.20- Jehovah’s Witnesses persecuted for ‘political neutrality’

China’s regime does not accept believers’ religious choices and punishes them for not saluting the national flag or refusing to sing the country’s anthem.

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30.08.20- Xie Jiao-free communities help crush banned religious groups

Local governments across China urge to create “model” towns or villages without residents who are members of religious groups labeled “heterodox teachings.”

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29.08.20- Religious activities replaced with veneration of Mao Zedong

Places of worship were off-limits to believers amid the coronavirus outbreak, while activities to worship China’s revolutionary leader in temples were green-lighted.

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27.08.20- State-run institutions investigate employees’ religious status

Religious persecution in China affects each aspect of believers’ life. Those unwilling to give up their faith may lose their jobs.

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26.08.20- Catholic churches destroyed or repurposed by the government

To make unregistered Catholics join the official Patriotic Church, authorities throughout China harass congregations and clergy members.

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26.08.20- Investigated for selling or buying Bible players

The CCP persecutes people for electronic devices with religious content as part of the campaign against “illegal publications and pornography.”

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26.08.20- Mazars destroyed in Xinjiang: a cultural genocide continues

A study by Rian Thum shows how the most beloved Uyghur shrines are being either “museumified” or destroyed.

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25.08.20- Ancestral temples turned into communist party propaganda bases

Communist ideology continues to invade places of worship across China, as folk religion temples are repurposed to propagate President Xi’s Thought.

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