27.11.20 – Exposing religious persecution leads to harsh punishment in China

The CCP treats any disclosed information about its actions to suppress people of faith as “the divulgence of state secrets” and cracks down on “leakers.”

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26.11.20 – CAG members tortured in Xinjiang’s internment camps


Members of banned religious groups are often detained in transformation through education camps. Three Church of Almighty God believers tell their stories.


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25.11.20 – China uses national census to investigate people of faith

Enumerators of the 7th census are told to ascertain people’s religious status and notify the police about detected religious symbols and “suspicious” behavior.

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25.11.20 – The CCP cuts the number of churches through mergers


To prevent people from worshiping close to their homes, authorities across China close state-run Protestant venues and force believers to attend other churches.


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25.11.20 – China cracks down on religious exchanges with foreigners

A new draft law, of which Bitter Winter publishes the English translation, would severely limit the possibility of foreign visitors, including academics, to interact with Chinese discussing religion.

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24.11.20 – Religious funerals dispersed, cemeteries desecrated


The CCP bans all religious rites and traditions during funerals and threatens to punish local officials who allow them.


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24.11.20 – House churches are pushed to the brink of extinction


Unregistered Protestant venues are monitored by plainclothes police officers and residential communities’ managers before their churches are raided and closed.


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22.11.20 – Unlicensed and official protestant venues destroyed nationwide


More accounts from across China on crackdowns against Protestant places of worship.


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21.11.20 – Buddhist, Taoist temples and statues destroyed nationwide


The CCP continues crackdowns on traditional Chinese places of worship and religious icons.


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20.11.20 – Association of disciples members arrested across China


Crackdown operations targeting this banned religious movement are being carried out since May, resulting in arrests of its key leaders.


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18.11.20 – Churches told to worship the CCP or face closure


Government propaganda continues to invade China’s places of worship, as they are turned into publicity centers to promote the Communist Party and its leaders.


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