19.10.20 – 550+ Church of Almighty God members arrested in 4 months

Adherents to this banned religious movement, a key target of CCP’s persecutions, were taken into custody in Jiangxi, Henan, and Guangdong provinces.

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18.10.20 – Now they come for the Uyghur children: Thousands sent to jail-like boarding schools

Eyewitnesses talk to Bitter Winter, and confirm that data published by scholar Adrian Zenz, unlike CCP propaganda, are believable.

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18.10.20 – Inner Mongolians pressured to sinicize their children

Amid the CCP’s campaign to eradicate Mongolian cultural and linguistic identity, schoolteachers and parents are threatened to accept CCP’s cultural genocide policies.

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17.10.20 – Religious weddings and funerals banned as illegal activities

People of faith, Buddhists and Christians alike, are not allowed to celebrate life’s most significant moments according to religious traditions and rites.

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16.10.20 – Believers forced to renounce faith for social benefits

People of faith who receive subsistence allowances from the government face a hard decision to choose between religion and sustaining their livelihood.

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16.10.20 – Government orders to destroy Swedish missionaries’ gravestones

Shanxi government desecrated the resting place of 20 missionaries, who worked and died in China nearly a century ago, and destroyed a house for visiting believers.

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16.10.20 – Is the world finally facing up to China?

A debate in the British Parliament, new calls to boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, coalitions forming to protest atrocities in Xinjiang offer hope that the CCP crimes will no longer be ignored.

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14.10 20 – Church of Almighty God members subjected to sound torture

Three members of this banned religious group in China share their horrifying experiences of torture after being arrested for their faith.

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13.10.20 – More bans on religious materials not approved by the State

Businesses are prohibited from publishing religious texts that don’t pass CCP’s censorship, while postal and courier services are banned from distributing them.

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