14.09.20 – Organ harvesting: A blind eye to mass atrocity

For the CCP, removing and selling organs from prisoners of conscience is a huge business. Democratic countries should stop looking the other way.

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13.09.20 – Prayer inscriptions on Hui Muslims’ homes banned

Government officials across China expand Islam “sinicization” campaign by ordering to conceal traditional Islamic duas— prayers of supplication or request.

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12.09.20 – Faith-based nursing homes closed or demolished in Fujian

Disrupting the peaceful final days of numerous elderly believers, authorities harass senior care centers to block any promotion of religions.

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11.09.20 – So, you want to report on Xie Jiao and get money? The CCP publish a “manual of the informer”

In Inner Mongolia, those who want to denounce banned religious movements for a reward are told how they should be trained and become more skilled.

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10.09.20 – Christians coerced into removing crosses from churches

The CCP comes up with new pretexts to suppress people of faith. In Zhejiang Province, believers’ businesses are threatened if they disobey government orders.

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08.09.20 – Police harass and beat believers protecting temples

Authorities in Anhui Province use force against people who try to prevent demolitions of their worship venues.

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08.09.20 – Minors detained and imprisoned for practicing their faith

Teenage members of The Church of Almighty God are given hefty sentences, tortured and indoctrinated, and deprived of visitation rights when in detention.

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