14.12.20 – Falun Gong torturer punished by U.S. Department of State

A police chief of Xiamen, Fujian, was described by the CCP as a “hero,” working 12 hours a day against xie jiao. The U.S. believes he is in fact a criminal.

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14.12.20 – Buddhist temples vandalized in California

Six places of worship have been attacked in one month. Local officials and police denounce a sustained campaign of hate crime.

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14.12.20 – Switzerland-China secret deal: Did it affect religion-based refugees?

An NGO published a confidential document hinting at the disturbing possibility that Chinese State Security agents directly interfere in asylum cases.

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12.12.20 – “Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law”: A new key tool of CCP ideology

“The whole country” is called to study and propagate, both in China and internationally, an idea of the law antithetical to Western democracy

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12.12.20 – Church of Almighty God refugees struggle for asylum status in democratic countries

Better Country of Origin Information (COI) led to favorable decisions in some countries—but not all courts are aware of them.

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11.12.20 – “Justice denied”: A White paper on the Tai Ji Men case in Taiwan

CESNUR and Human Rights Without Frontiers launch a detailed report on the longest religion-related legal case in the Island’s history.

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10.12.20 – Huawei has technology to recognize Uyghur faces: The evidence

Chinese electronic giant tries to deny that it produces technology for Uyghur face recognition. But it’s all true, here are the proofs.

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08.12.20 – Numerous protestant venues shut down across China.

Local authorities raid and close places of worship using various pretexts, from poverty alleviation to epidemic prevention.

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07.12.20 – How Sun Tzu and the “36 Stratagems” inspire China’s deceptive diplomacy

Old Chinese classics on how to deceive and manipulate enemies are studied and put into practice by the CCP “Wolf Warrior” diplomats and politicians.

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