10.10.20 – 90+ folk religion temples destroyed in Henan’s Linzhou City


The municipal government launched a unified crackdown campaign, resulting in demolitions and takeovers of religious venues across rural areas.


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10.10.20 – The case of the Quran floating in the river: saving holy books from CCP desecration


Qurans are seized and burned in Xinjiang. In desperation, some put them in the Ili River, wrapped in plastic, hoping they will be recovered in Kazakhstan.


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09.10.20 – CCP sinicizes mosques to weaken muslim faith


Authorities in Shandong and Hebei provinces remove domes from mosques and vigorously promote the sinicization of Islam, demanding Muslims to obey the Party only.


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08.10.20 – Religious venues lacking State-issued permits face demolition


The CCP demands worship places to get religious activity venue registration certificates but denies almost all requests, creating a “legal” basis for persecution.


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08.10.20 – 39 countries at the UN express “grave concerns” on Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong—and refugees from China


39 Countries at the UN Express “Grave Concerns” on Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong—and Refugees from China


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07.10.20 – Students from Xinjiang Subjected to Disproportionate Control


Muslim students who attend universities in inland China are continuously monitored, barred from exhibiting ethnic and religious characteristics.


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07.10.20 – ‘Xi Jinping’s religious persecution harsher than Mao Zedong’s’


Members of state-run Protestant churches suffer unmatched harassment at the hands of authorities, as their worship places are demolished on trumped-up pretexts.


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