09.11.20 – Taoist temples demolished or repurposed across China

Cases of crackdowns against Taoism, one of the Chinese Three Teachings, from Zhejiang, Liaoning, and Jilin provinces.

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06.11.20 – Believers arrested and fined for Bible verse hand fans

Even little keepsakes with religious content are becoming off-limits to people of faith in China, as authorities punish those who make and distribute them.

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06.11.20 – Closed churches ordered to be sold, rented, or destroyed

Local governments repurpose places of worship and turn them into propaganda centers, entertainment venues, or factories. Some are even leveled to the ground.

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04.11.20 – How the CCP manipulated the “war on terror” for its own “war on the Uyghurs”

A new book by anthropologist Sean Roberts sheds light upon how the West naively accepted for decades the idea that atrocities in Xinjiang were justified by a “terrorist threat.”

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04.11.20 – Buddhist statues purged across Sichuan province

Temples throughout this southwestern province are increasingly pressured by local authorities to conceal or even destroy their large outdoor icons.

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03.11.20 – Catholic nuns deemed ‘dangerous’ and forced out of convent

The CCP ramps up intimidation and persecution of Catholics who refuse to join the Patriotic Church.

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03.11.20 – Minors intimidated to stay away from religion

The CCP imposes extreme measures to ensure that the young are not exposed to religion: from interrogating 10-year-olds to separating minors from religious families.

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