06.12.20 – How Sun Tzu and the “36 stratagems” inspire China’s deceptive diplomacy

Old Chinese classics on how to deceive and manipulate enemies are studied and put into practice by the CCP “Wolf Warrior” diplomats and politicians.

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04.12.20 – Protestant churches continue to be destroyed across China

Both Three-Self and house church venues have been demolished under various pretexts in Shaanxi, Anhui, and other provinces. Exclusive videos and pictures from Bitter Winter.

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04.12.20 – Tax justice, religious freedom, and the Tai Ji men case

A movie and a side event at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom or Belief focused on how taxes can be used to deny religious freedom or belief.

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03.12.20 – 76 Church of Almighty God members sentenced to prison

The believers were sentenced to years in prison merely for practicing their faith. One of them was just 19.

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03.12.20 – From Charlie Hebdo to “The Boys”: “Freedom of expression” vs. religious liberty

Where exactly lies the limit between free speech and hate speech that offends members of a religion? Many discuss Charlie Hebdo—but it is not the only case. The Boys is another pop culture example.

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01.12.20 – More crosses toppled from christian venues

For over two years now, CCP implements a comprehensive nationwide campaign to remove religious symbols from places of worship, documented here with exclusive pictures.

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01.12.20 – New unified arrest operations target The Church of Almighty God

Over 300 believers were arrested in October and November, as local authorities launched new crackdown campaigns against this Chinese Christian new religious movement.

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