A new report on the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults reveals the links between the Chinese Communist Party and an international network of groups defaming religious minorities as “cults.”



Bitter Winter (04.09.2018) – – The Belgian NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers released on September 4 a report on the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults (ICVC), the Israeli branch of an international network of so called anti-cult organizations, most of them affiliated with the European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects (FECRIS). Scholars have studied for many years the international anti-cult movement and its nefarious role on stereotyping unpopular religious minorities as “cults,” claiming that they “brainwash” their members and separate them from their families. Years of scholarly research of new religious movements have debunked anti-cult theories as pseudo-scientific, and simple tools used to discriminate against groups the anti-cultist do not like.


The new report shows of the allegedly secular Israeli Center for Victims of Cults, the Israeli correspondent of FECRIS, has in fact deep ties with Yad L’Achim, an organization officially denounced by the U.S. Department of State as a radical expression of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, which promotes discrimination against religious minorities in Israel and violence against them.


While in its beginnings the international anti-cult networks represented private interests, in the 21st century it is increasingly connected with regimes persecuting religious minorities and relying on international anti-cultists for justifying the persecution.


The report exposes Yad L’Achim’s connections with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which are typical of anti-cultists in several countries. Bitter Winter has recently reported on how South Korean anti-cultists cooperated with the CCP in organizing false “spontaneous demonstrations” against refugees of The Church of Almighty God seeking asylum in South Korea.


The report notes that “in 2009,  Yad  L’Achim  published  a  press  release  in  which  they  boasted  the  fact  that one  of  their  organization’s  representatives  was  invited  to  participate  in  a  congress  in  China devoted  to  the  fight  against  Falun  Gong. The  propaganda  of  Yad  L’Achim  against  Falun  Gong is  accessible  on  their  website,” which also offers  “an  article  on  Benjamin  Kluger,  a  convert  from Christianity  to  ultra-orthodox  Judaism  and  a  Yad  L’Achim  activist,  who  worked  in  the Department  for  the  Fight  against  Missionary  Activity  with  Rachel  Lichtenshtein,  the  current director of the  ICVC. He  was invited  by  the  Chinese  embassy  in  Israel  as  ‘an expert from  Yad L’Achim  about  destructive  cults’”  to  a CCP conference in China. Rabbi  Shalom  Dov  Lipschitz,  Chairman  of Yad  L’Achim,  stated  that the  government  in  Israel  should have “learned from  the  Chinese  authorities how  to  forcefully  fight  dubious  and  destructive  cults.”


The report noted that the CCP also invited other  “FECRIS  representatives: the  ill-famed  Alexander  Dvorkin  from  Russia,  who  fully  supports  the  repression  of  Falun Gong  practitioners  in  China  and  campaigns  against  the  movement  in  his  own  country,  and  the well-known  deprogrammer  Rick  Ross,  who  was  prosecuted  in  several  US  criminal  cases,  yet still  praised by  the  ICVC.”


Recent events in Korea prove that the CCP uses anti-cultists as “fellow travelers” to justify its persecution, torture and extra-judicial killings of members of religious movements it classifies as “cults.”


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