CHINA: Over 30 Church of Almighty God members arrested within one month

Bitter Winter (17.07.2018) – – On July 14, the city of Xuzhou issued a notice reporting that from mid-May to mid-June, 32 members of The Church of Almighty God were arrested in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, 15 of them are still being detained. The Jiangsu police have been carrying out province-wide, large-scale arrests and suppression targeted at this Chinese Christian new religious movement since May.

According to the available information, members of the Church from nearly all of Xuzhou’s five municipal districts, three counties, and two county-level cities were arrested: ten from Jiawang district, three from Tongshan district, three from Gulou district, eight from the city of Pizhou, four from the city of Xinyi, one from Feng county, and three from Suining county.

One of the arrested is an 80-year old elder who was detained despite her ill health and whose condition has worsened since the arrest on June 15 and subsequent police interrogation. According to accounts by those who saw her at the police station, she could not even walk steadily, and the corners of her mouth were black and blue. She had clearly undergone brutal torture by the police.
Bitter Winter has continuously reported about the continuous persecutions of The Church of Almighty God, in some cases with as many as 500 believers arrested in a short period of time. In just 20 days in May, in Jiangsu’s major cities of Nanjing and Yangzhou, over 70 members of The Church of Almighty God were arrested and their homes were raided by authorities, some of them have not been heard from since. The Church members in Jiangsu are currently living under precarious circumstances, fearing that the number of arrests will most likely continue to climb.

Report by Ling Tian