– List of the 35 prisoners released from Ukrainian jails

HRWF (08.09.2019) – Moscow has not yet published the list of 35 people released from Ukrainian jails and transferred to Russia but Human Rights Without Frontiersmanaged to get such a list from Ukrainska Pravda with some additional corrections from other sources.

Twelve are Russians and twenty-three are citizens of Ukraine.

Eleven of them were pardoned, two refused to leave Ukraine and one had been transferred to Russia earlier.

Victor Ageev, 09/13/1995

Alexander Baranov, 08/11/1983

Aslan Baskhanov, 04/06/1966

Elena Bobovaya, 04/26/1972

Pavel Chernykh, 08/04/1975

Anna Dubenko, 08/18/1982

Stanislav Ezhov, 06/22/1978

Victor Fedorov, 07/18/1969

Ruslan Gadzhiev, 02/10/1973

Vladimir Galich, 01/18/1948

Sergey Gnatiev, 04/13/1988

Denis Khitrov, 04/28/1977

Igor Kimakovsky, 04/28/1972

Olga Kovalis, 08/07/1968

Sergey Kovernik, 02.16.1978

Dmitry Korenovsky, 03/18/1972

Andrey Kostenko, 09/18/1984

Alexey Lazarenko, 10/13/1985

Sergey Lazarev, 05/07/1957

Yuri Lomako, 02/04/1961

Petr Melnichuk, 07/12/1972

Evgeny Mefedov, 05/22/1983

Maxim Odintsov, 04/25/1983

Julia Prosolova, 07/13/1988

Alexander Rakushchin, 03/19/1963

Antonina Rodionova, 09/06/1969

Alexander Sattarov, 12/28/1980

Alexey Sedikov, 10/10/1979

Taras Sinichak, 06.24.1977

Alexander Tarasenko, 07/10/1970

Andrey Tretyakov, 10/18/1973

Vladimir Tsemakh, 04/07/1961

Andrey Vaskovsky, 12/25/1991

Kirill Vyshinsky, 19/02/1967

Arkady Zhidkikh, 11/19/1967

Two prisoners (Ruslan Gadzhiev and Taras Sinichak) refused to be part of the swap and were replaced.

Ruslan Gadzhiev, who is listed as being exchanged, refused to leave Ukraine, considering himself innocent, according to Valentin Rybin, a lawyer for Russian citizens who were held in Ukraine. Gadzhiev had been arrested in the Donbass in January 2015.

Taras Sinichakis now in Ivano-Frankivsk, where he is being held under house arrest, according to his lawyer Yaroslav Zeykan. On August 19, SBU officers offered to take him to Koncha-Zaspa where other exchange participants were waiting for their departure to Moscow. However, Sinichak refused because he considers himself a citizen of Ukraine, does not admit any guilt and does not want to be extradited to Russia.

Taras Sinichak worked in the military sanatorium “Sudak” in Crimea. After the annexation of Crimea, the institution became subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Sinichak did not leave Crimea and went on working in the sanatorium. He was arrested in February 2016 when he moved to mainland Ukraine to attend the funeral of a relative. The prosecutor’s office regarded this as desertion and high treason.

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