By Ahlam Ben Saga


Morocco World News (23.02.2019) – – Rabat – The Belgian Aliens Litigation Council (CCE) ruled on Friday in favor of expelling Malika El Aroud, known as “the black widow,” to Morocco, concluding that she would not be subjected to torture in her country of origin.


The council said in a statement on Friday that its chambers judged that El Aroud “who had been sentenced in Belgium for her affiliation with a terrorist organization, and then stripped of her Belgian citizenship can be expelled to Morocco.”


El Aroud had previously argued that she might be subjected to torture in a Moroccan prison if extradited, the basis of her appeal against the extradition and application for political asylum in Belgium.


The Belgian Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS) rejected El Aroud’s request for asylum as the Belgian government deemed her “too dangerous” and unworthy of international protection because she has not expressed “remorse” for her actions.


In November 2018, Belgium stripped El Aroud of her Belgian citizenship  after a Belgian court in 2010 sentenced her to eight years in prison for her involvement with terrorists.


Born in 1960, El Aroud was a member of al-Qaeda. She is the widow of a Taliban jihadi, Abdessatar Dahmane, who had posed as a television journalist in Belgium to assassinate the Afghan political and military leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.


In October 2018, Belgium began to consider extraditing El Aroud to Morocco in line with the country’s s new migration and asylum legislation which went into force in May 2017.


El Aroud is internationally known as “black widow” and “the most dangerous woman in Belgium.”



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