His son has posted a video calling for the murder of Christians

HRWF (03.11.2016) – Fifteen months after the first expulsion order of the ill-famed “imam of Dison” (Verviers) in the eastern part of Belgium, his appeal was dismissed on 27th October. He will not be allowed to enter Belgium for ten years.


Shayk Alami is reproached with making ‘Salafist’ propaganda, preaching violence, and calling for jihad.


In July 2015, Theo Francken, state secretary on asylum and migration, decided to deport him but the imam filed an appeal, and this had suspensory effect. Shayk Alami has double citizenship: Moroccan and Dutch. He has 30 days to leave the country. If he does not, he will be arrested and forcefully deported. This is the first time that a hate preacher will be expelled from Belgium. His family is not concerned by the order. However, his son is also under scrutiny of the authorities since he has recently posted a video in which he called for the murder of Christians, but he cannot be deported because he was born in Belgium.

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