HRWF (09.11.2016) – In October, mayor Françoise Schepmans (Molenbeek/ Brussels) released a closure order of the local Loqman ‘mosque’.


This mosque have been under surveillance of the Belgian intelligence for over a year as it had been visited by several terrorists involved in the Paris and Brussels attacks:


Ayoub Khazzani, the shooter of the flawed attempt in the Thalys high-speed train between Brussels and Paris in summer 2015

Chakib Akrouk (25), one of the commanders of the terrorist attacks in Paris and suicide bomber in Saint-Denis in November 2015

Mohamed Abrini (31), one of the terrorists involved in the bomb attempt at Brussels airport.


The building was used as a place of worship and as the seat of the Jamii Islamic Centre of Belgium.


The closure could only take place on the basis of breaches of several city planning regulations and is not final as once retrofitting work has been implemented, the ‘mosque’ might ask for reopening.

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